Filipino Histories Final Exam (essay questions)

Final exam:

Please choose 2 questions and answer them to the best of your abilities. You answer must be 4-5 pages each, double spaced, Times Roman 12pts., for each question (for a total of 9-10 pages).

Your answers will be evaluated on the basis of how well you have synthesized the relevant readings with the lectures to produce a coherent and well-articulated essay. When quoting from the readings, you need only to cite the author’s name and page number in a parenthesis. When quoting from the lecture notes, indicate the date of the lecture also in a parenthesis. Make sure you edit your essays for spelling and grammatical errors.

Do not use sub-headings, each essay should be a single, cohesive essay.

There is no need for footnotes or a bibliography. Choose the most appropriate readings that I provided. No online sources. Only use class notes and readings.

Make sure you have a strong argument in each essay. Try to put forward an argument or thesis in the opening paragraph, and then use the body of the essay to present evidence that argues that your initial claim is valid. You can then close by recapping your claim and how your evidence proves it.

Here’s reading packet (reader),… I have indicated what should read in the pdf file I upload. Questions are in “Final exam 205”.

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