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7) Stage II: Integrated Assessment (IA) – What’s going on? Why? Briefly describe the existing way that climate-change impacts are being assessed; if there are no data, say so. Suggest an improved approach based on the six integrative domains (Downs et al. 2017), knowledge partnerships, and the need for a collaborative, mixed-methods system dynamics modeling (SDM) process. Draw a provisional causal loop diagram (use Vensim® freeware) of the most significant climate impacts for your case (see #4) and their relationship to other issues – e.g. health & wellbeing, ecological integrity, water scarcity, food security, the economy, and social (in)justice – identify indicators/ways to gauge for the same. These are your climate-relevant indicators of baseline social-ecological conditions, gateway sector(s), impacts and vulnerabilities, and links to ‘primary’ development sectors. This is the place to closely consider ‘climate (in)justice’ concerns: Who is most vulnerable? Why? [remember vulnerability to adverse impacts is a function of risk and adaptive capacity: probability of exposure to the impact, sensitivity and severity of the impact, adaptive capacity to mitigate the impact].

7.1 Existing Assessment Approach; 7.2 Suggested Assessment Approach.

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