Legal Writing – Initial Client Interview Summary

Your written assignment is based on this initial client interview with Ann C. Dorite. Ms. Dorite retained your firm to represent her in her claim for personal injury arising out of an accident she had when she stepped into a pothole in the street after exiting her car. Another paralegal interviewed the firm’s client, Ann C. Dorite. Your supervising attorney has asked you to summarize that initial client interview with her. The transcript of the interview with Ann C. Dorite is provided for your reference, as well as a sketch of the location.

Summarizing information is a crucial element of research and legal writing. Write a summary of the initial client interview of Ann C. Dorite for your reviewing attorney using the Outline for Interview Summary below. Please make up and provide any missing information such as date of interview, client’s phone, case no, email, and date and time of accident.

Outline for Interview Summary

  1. Interview details as provided. (Date of interview, Interviewer, Case No, Client, Phone, Email)
  2. Date & time of accident.
  3. Place of accident.
  4. Noteworthy facts.
  5. Injuries
  6. List of Medical bills and other specials (damages)
  7. Witnesses.
  8. Evaluation of client as witness.
  9. Other comments, next steps on case.

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