Helping Vincente Montaña

View the video, Assessment Case Stud of an ELL/ESL/EFL Student, and then proceed to the prompt.

Assessment in language acquisition can be useful in gauging the effectiveness of the comprehensible input (instructional material) that is used in the classroom. However, as we can see in the video, the presenter’s cousin has revealed that standardized assessments can measure one aspect of learning and not another. Assessments can only measure what we design it to measure; a test cannot assess oral language if it is designed to measure reading and writing. How then, can we help out students like Vince who have met the district’s or state’s proficiency in English but still seem to struggle in social and cultural arenas? What can you do to support his language development given the following learning strategies and assessments listed in our text?

Assume that Vince is your student and his cousin has left you a video message in your email or is visiting you now in person. Create a detailed letter (two- to four pages in length) or video (five minutes in length) email back to him that will outline how you will address the areas of concern immediately. Address the following:

  1. Acknowledge the family’s concerns and provide an example of how you have noticed similar struggles in his language development.
  2. Design a plan of action and explain at least three strategies from Unit VII and Unit III in our textbook that could be used to address Vince’s family’s concerns regarding his language development.
  3. Explain how these strategies will target the area of language development in which the student needs more support.
  4. In the closing of your letter, describe how you will follow up with the family in the next few weeks so that you continue to support Vince together

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