essy, Annotated Bibliography

Using the internet or the library’s database,
find and annotate six sources regarding the research topic of social networking
(be sure to look ahead at Essay 3 assignment sheet). 

One source must come  from or credible website.

One article from a national newspaper

The remaining four sources must come
from credible sources –professional journals, peer reviewed articles, etc. 

CONSIDER USING Wikipedia, or any other site like itJ.

Each annotation should include the following:

Title of site
Author of article
Web Address
Detailed summary of content  (a mimimum
of two full paragraphs (8-10 sentences for each one)

Sample annotation: (This is how yours should

John Smith, contributing reporter

This article deals with the national response
to the growing number of individuals involved in violent crimes/behaviors as a
result of being overexposed to it through various media means.  From movies to television to videogames,
people are becoming more violent on a daily basis.  Studies have actually shown that young adults
have actually become desensitized to the levels of real violence as a direct
result of video gaming.  The focus of
this article leans towards possible remedies to the situation – from government
intervention to public protests in Hollywood. 
The author places a large part of the blame regarding this topic on
parental involvement.

Additionally, … (remember, you will have two
complete paragraphs for each source




Here are a few examples of source
annotations.  Please be sure to set your
annotations up like these!  Thanks so
much, everyone!

Citation of a Book by a Single Author

Kondracke, M. (2001). Saving Milly: Love, politics,
and Parkinson’s disease
. New York, NY: Public Affairs.

Morton Kondracke, currently a political analyst for Fox
News, chronicles the 13-year ordeal he, his wife Milly, and his family have
endured as Milly has fought against the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s
disease. Although known primarily for his astute political analysis, Kondracke
writes about Parkinson’s and the desperate efforts being made by activists to
have more of the medical research funding funneled into the discovery of cures
for Parkinson’s with the authority of someone who has been there and fought the
fight. One of the possibilities being held out to sufferers is stem cell
research, and this is detailed within the book. Although this work is not
primarily about stem cell research, it has sections that would offer material
that I would find very useful in my research as it points out the pros and cons
of such research from the point of view of Kondracke, his wife, and other
patients such as Michael J. Fox.

Citation of a Magazine Article by a Single Author

Hickey, J. G. (2001, April). Moral questions dog stem-cell
research. Insight on the News. 21.

Some people feel that stem cell research is critical to
developing treatments for Alzheimer’s and other diseases, while other
individuals see such research as morally and ethically wrong. In some research
communities, it is felt that such debate is becoming a moot point as these
scientists are wondering whether the use of human embryos for such research is
really necessary. As the fight continues for research dollars to find cures for
such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the scientists who offer hope
that stem-cell research can be conducted without utilizing embryonic cells are
seen as being on the moral high ground. This article takes an interesting view
of stem-cell research and makes the point that stem-cells can come from a
number of places. Because of this view, I feel that this would be a worthwhile
addition to my sources. It certainly offers food for thought.

Citation of an Online Article from a Government Agency

United States National Institute of Health. (2000). NIH
publishes final guidelines for stem cell research.
 Retrieved from

In this news release, the NIH offers the final governmental
guidelines for stem cell research involving human pluripotent stem cells. These
guidelines are supposed to ensure that such research is done in an ethical and
legal manner. Because the NIH believes that such research is promising for the
treatment and cure of many diseases and injuries, they are offering the
guidelines to those who wish to engage in research and have federal funding to
conduct it. Because this comes from the NIH, the information should be
credible. This source offers very little really salient information regarding
the debatable issues of stem-cell research. It does, however, list some
specific goals for such research in terms of cures and treatments. This might
prove helpful in my research.

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