Ethical Field Trip

Ethical Field Trip #1 involves researching current events in the media that are related to business ethics.

To get a sense of what’s being said on the subject of business ethics in the media, your first Ethical Field Trip requires you to do an electronic search of recent or current ethical issues and/or corporate scandals.

You will first pick one of the following mass media sources:

Log on to your chosen web site and search for titles that incorporate the word “ethics.” Record how many “Results” you get.

Now search for “business ethics”. Record how many “Results” you get.

Pick one of the 2017 or 2018 “Results” in your search and read the item. Reflecting on what you have read in the text so far and have learned during the class lectures and discussions, think about any connections with the content discussed there. For example, can you identify similar ideas or themes discussed in the text or in class that are also referenced in the item you have read on-line? Record one.

You will then create a business ethics trivia question based on your item. Please phrase your question as a multiple choice question with 4-5 options and include a description of the correct answer.


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