group decision making

Write from experiences and opinion

  1. The response reflects a clear understanding of the question and reflects critical thinking and the application of appropriate concepts/ideas from the course
  2. The response reflects critical thinking and original ideas, not answers directly out of the textbook or another outside source
  3. The response has an appropriate length, which should be more than 8-10 lines
  4. The response is well written, reflecting clarity of thought, as well as correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

(a) Consider the approaches to group decision making. Which approaches have you used in a team? Which have been effective or ineffective? Explain.

(b) You have just joined a new team in your organization. Armed with the knowledge of groupthink and its pitfalls, you want to be especially vigilant to avoid the potential for groupthink to occur in your team. Develop a list of at least three (3) recommendations that, if followed, would minimize the possibility of groupthink developing in your team. Explain your reasoning for each of the steps.

(c) Does the Nominal Group Technique or Delphi Technique seem more useful to you? Explain your choice.

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