Hysterectomy in the UK, heath and medical assignment help

This Assignment requires you to select 1) a population of interest (e.g. older adults,
women of reproductive age) and 2) a health condition or event (e.g. hysterectomy,
breastfeeding, unintended pregnancy), and then locate health statistics for your
selections. Please search for data at the national, state, and local levels. Input your
responses using a table similar to the one below. A Word document version of this table
is available in Doc Sharing.
Data Search Directions Summarize Your Findings
Identify the population of interest and health
condition/event to your practice. Specify how
you define the population (e.g. age, gender,
health status, etc.).
Summarize your search process. Specify what
sources of health statistics were searched to
find relevant health statistics.
Provide the health information obtained in the
Interpret your findings and determine if there is
any evidence of health disparities based on
the population examined.

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