Learning reflection response

hey all I need help compleating this please find two files attached below, the first is the ASSIST survey results you need and the other is the iAssessment critera sheet, please read both carefully.

 this is the task there is 750 word max limit

1. In your own words explain what approaches to learning are and explain the
three approaches used in the ASSIST.  

2. Describe your own learning approaches as indicated by the ASSIST feedback. 

3. How accurate do you think the ASSIST was in describing your learning
approaches? To answer this question use examples from your own experience
to illustrate how you have approached learning situations in the past. 

4. Given your learning approaches, set three goals for your study in this course this
semester to capitalise on your strengths and/or extend skills that are
underutilised. The best goals are SMART (specific, measurable,
achievable/attainable, realistic, timely) goals. Make sure each of your three
goals is SMART. 

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