LP7 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

Learning Plan 7


LP7 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

This assignment will assess the following competency: 7. Develop an annotated bibliography from secondary research.

Directions: Now that you have begun your primary research, this week you are going to organize your secondary research and create an annotated bibliography. Read about annotated bibliographies at Purdue Owl.

This annotated bibliography will contain sources you have read on your topic that you plan to use in your final paper. The sources must be peer-reviewed. For more information on peer-reviewed sources go to the following resource: Finding Quality Websites and Juried Articles.

For this assignment, you need to find and read 6 scholarly sources. Then, compose an Annotated Bibliography in APA 6th edition format (Proper APA formatting includes sources organized in alphabetical order with a hanging indent, among other things). For each source, you need to include a summary of the article and an analysis of the article.

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