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Instructions: Assignment  Directions In  this  unit,  you  will  communicate  a healthcare  advocacy  plan.  Using  the information you provided in the Unit  3 Discussion,  you will  contact  either  a  local  healthcare agency  (i.e.,  County Health Department,  etc.)  or  healthcare  facility  (i.e.,  clinic,  hospital,  or  nursing home)  to research 2–3 healthcare  issues  affecting the  local  community.  In  a  memorandum  to  your  local  health department,  present  a  healthcare advocacy  plan  that  addresses  your  researched  findings. Explain the issues  facing your  community,  possible methods  to  alleviate the concern,  and how you would  ethically  advocate  for  the  respective population.  You  must  include  five reasons.  You are  required  to  research  the specific  issues  presented with credible sources  (e.g.,  Centers  for Disease Control  and  Prevention,  National  Institute of  Health,  Census  Bureau,  etc.).  In  a  3-page paper,  provide a summary  of  your  findings,  including at  least  3 credible references  to  support your memorandum.  

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