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Assignment: Application: Design Thinking: Evaluation

In the business
world, the final phase of design thinking is where a solution strategy is
selected and a business case is made for the viability of the chosen solution.
If the previous phases have been enacted diligently, the proposed solution has
a very good chance of leading to an innovation.

By now, you have
identified an issue or problem in your workspace that can be improved in some
tangible way. You have generated a list of ideas that could lead to this
improvement, and collaborated with your classmates to gain alternate
perspectives and solutions. It is now time to step back from this process and
evaluate how design-thinking can be applied to real-world business problems at
your organization.

For this Application
Assignment, imagine you have an opportunity to meet with the VP of Customer
Services. You have 15 minutes to present on the value of the department’s use
of design thinking to come up with a solution to a problem the team is

By Day 7,
submit a PowerPoint-style presentation with a pitch script in the Notes section
outlining your pitch for the use of design thinking to solve a problem. Be sure
to include the following, with any other relevant information that you think is
essential to an effective pitch:

o  Identify the
potential customers or end users that would be positively affected if the
organization adopted the more formal design thinking process.

o  Explain whether
design thinking could be effectively integrated into the organization, and why?

o  How would you
convince stakeholders within the organization of its value?

Be sure to draw on
the articles by Brown (2008) and Brown and Anthony (2011) from this week’s
Resources to support your conclusions.

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