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Parties in civil litigation often try to reach a settlement to help reduce the significant costs, time, stress, and risks associated with litigation. Settlements also help ease the public problems associated with overcrowded dockets. A law firm that represents the plaintiff in a personal injury case may sometimes create a settlement brochure or a video settlement brochure to help achieve a settlement for the client.

For the Unit 8 Assignment, you are working as a legal assistant for the law firm that represents Justin King and set out a plan to decide if the legal team for Justin King should prepare a video settlement brochure.

You will conduct legal research and then write a memorandum to the supervising attorney that represents Justin King addressing the questions listed below. You should conduct legal research on Westlaw or in the Library, or through online articles that discuss video settlement brochures. For example, you might consider running a search on Westlaw in the Law Reviews and Journals database for “video settlement brochure.” You should cite at least two different credible and reliable sources in the memorandum. The memorandum should be 2–3 pages in length with double-spaced lines and 1 inch margins. Use Bluebook or APA citation format. Make sure to cite your sources both in-text and in the references page. Click on “Resources” to access files to assist you in your Assignment.

Questions to Address in the Memorandum:

  1. How can a video settlement brochure help achieve the goals of the legal team representing Justin King?
  2. Should the firm hire an outside production company or create the video settlement brochure in-house?
  3. Should the video settlement brochure focus on liability, damages, or both?
  4. What witnesses should be included in the video settlement brochure?

Use the following template to complete your Assignment.

Unit 8 Assignment Template

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