Noddings Discussion

Noddings Discussion

This week we are examining, “CARING: A FEMININE APPROACH TO ETHICS” as articulated by Nel Noddings in chapter 21 of our textbook. After reading the text:

1. Find a current ethical issue (either in your own life or on the world stage that is going on right now) and

2. Evaluate Nel Nodding’s “Ethic of Care” as applied to this ethical issue. How would she respond? What is the difference between how men are apt to respond and how she says women are wired to respond and approach the issue? What are the pros and cons of this difference? Is it fair to make this distinction? Is it helpful? Make sure you quote from our reading in giving your evaluation.

3. Finally, does she bring anything new or helpful to your own research for your final paper? Explain!

For those of you who missed the video or wish to see it again, here’s Emma Watson’s address to the United Nations on Feminism:


You must answer all the questions above, it must be at least 250 words

I have uploaded my research outline in order to answer question 3.

you must use only the book I gave as a source. Marino, G. (Ed.). (2010). Ethics: The essential writings. New York: Modern Library.

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