Organizational Structure, Operations, and Finance

Now that we know the product and we have studied the location thoroughly enough to create a plan of market entry, it is time to look internally at our resources to determine how we will be structured for success.

Create a 5-7 slide presentation using the speaker’s notes section for your content and the slides for presentation purposes. Include the following information:

  1. Develop an organizational structure for the product
  2. Create an operations plan
  3. Create a finance plan

Your presentation should be proofread for spelling and grammar. Your presentation slides should be concise.


In my previous response to your week two presentation, I suggested that you add animation to your presentation. Currently you have all information appear at the same time which can be cognitive overload to the end user (the end user is reading whilst the speaker is speaking from their speaker notes). I suggested that you use the word “Click” in your speaker notes (which you did add) to indicate when the next animation is to be revealed however: you did not do this. By incorporating this into your presentation you are controlling what the end-user is seeing and hearing thus requiring the end user to pay closer attention to the presentation and eliminating the possibility of cognitive overload to the end users. Because you are putting so much verbiage onto the slides, the auto formatting is resizing the text size so it all fits. This is cause inconsistency from slide to slide.

Although the main flow of this presentation is done well, I would suggest that you you re-work this presentation and add animation (as I demonstrated on slide 2 of the returned document).

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