Questionnaire Development Assignment

Instructions: will be uploaded…

  • Review the scenario in Part A and develop an instrument with 3-5 items to determine whether the program objective is achieved.
  • In order to finish this assignment, you need to research ways to improve home environment for the prevention of fall injuries.
  • Follow 12 steps mentioned in the PowerPoint (page 10) for instrument development, and complete the table in Part B.
  • Even if you are able to find an existing instrument in step 2, proceed to the remaining steps to develop your own instrument anyway.
  • Skip step 11 and only describe what needs to be done in step 11 in the table.
  • Find a classmate to do expert review and pilot test for your instrument. Provide your classmate’s opinions on face validity, content validity, and pilot test feedback in Part C. Ask your classmate to sign in the bottom of Part C.
  • Add the final version of your instrument with directions, scoring rules, and the result of readability test in Part D.

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