Respond to 2 classmates posts with at least 150 words each for PSYCH

Respond to 2 classmates posts with at least 150 words each for PSYCH…ONLY USE PEER REVIEWED SOURCES…WRITE AS IF YOU ARE SPEAKING TO THE STUDENT



  • The session with Stan will start by asking him with the situation with his parents, siblings, and ex-wife what is he aware of? Just like in the video, hopefully, that will make him open up as he did in the video. A direction that he should pursue is talking about how he will be able to move forward from the pain and hurt that his family caused him. I would ask Stan to continue where he left off from the previous session, so he and I can remember what was said last. It will help him add any other details if any was left out. As a counselor, I think it is important to attend to whatever theme or issue becomes figural to Stan. I would show him that I care about what he is talking about because it real personal that will help him change his ways.
  • In Stan’s case, the unfinished business is resentment against his parents, siblings, and ex-wife. Stan’s experience of being stuck does remind me of myself because I use to have resentment with a lot of people in the family especially my father. It took me some time to forgive and forget about the situations, but sometimes I love people from afar in my family. If Stan was to bring up my unfinished business, I would give him some advice on how he could start over and build a relationship with his father the same way I basically did.
  • If we understand research as a systematic curiosity, we can recognize ourselves as being very good at being curious about raising awareness and experimenting with new possibilities (Roubal, 2017). For Stan to express his feelings, the experiment that might help him is to pretend that he is the people that hurt him the most during his childhood. This will hopefully bring him back to his inner-child and the thoughts he had then. His feelings can be compared from then to now and see how the feelings got worse over time with his parents, siblings, and ex-wife.
  • I would work with Stan if he brought up the materials by asking him some questions about his ex-wife to get the background. It will help break down the feelings that he has for his ex-wife. An experiment that I might design will contain Stan going back to where he started with his wife and see where things went wrong in their marriage. To decide what kind of experiment to create for Stan dealing with ex-wife, it’s about the questions that counselor asks so the experiment can beneficial for Stan to see how he feels are affecting him in the present day.
  • To work with Stan’s cultural messages, I would let him know that hiding feelings are not always a good thing. By Stan following cultural messages, has really messed him up not only as a child but also as an adult. I would make sure that he is able to express his feelings about his cultural messages in the sessions. I wouldn’t respect his cultural values, but I will still encourage him to make an assessment of some ways in which his culture is affecting him today. Teaching him that messages do not always have to be negative but there can positive messages dealing with life. It is shown that Stan had a lot of negative messages throughout his life and is trying to become more positive.


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How might you begin a session with Stan? Would you suggest a direction he should pursue? Would you wait for him to initiate work? Would you ask him to continue from where he left off in the previous session? Would you attend to whatever theme or issue becomes figural to him?

-I would start Stan’s session out in the experimental phase using dialogue between me and him. I would suggest we do a bit of role play and this will allow him to address some of the issues he faces. I would not wait for him to initiate work because I think that Stan is so afraid and Traumatized from his past that he doesn’t ever want to face it and therefore he needs to be coached and put in a position where he has to do it. I would carefully examine his root issues so that I may be able to help him recognize and fix those issues.

What unfinished business can you identify in Stan’s case? Does any of his experience of being stuck remind you of yourself? How might you work with Stan if he did bring up your own unfinished business?

-Stan has unfinished business with his immediate family that needs to be addressed. Stan still doesn’t really feel as though he fits in with them. Stan wants to be close with his siblings and he wants approval from his parents and in his mind, he blames himself as opposed to thinking of the possibility that maybe his parents are actually the damaged ones. I realize that I too have been stuck with certain things in my past and have a really hard time letting certain things go. If Stan brought up my issues I would simply be honest with him and show him that Im truly ok. I would explain that its not necessarily about the issue but how you address it. I may even share a bit of my story with him, especially if I think it will help with his own healing

What kind of an experiment might you propose to assist Stan in learning more about his hesitation and reluctance to access and express his feelings?

-I think role play will be a good experiment for Stan. I may also consider Hypnosis as I believe it can unlock some things for him and I may be able to pull info that he may be holding back

Stan participated in an experiment to deal with pain, resentment, and hurt over situations with his ex-wife. How might you have worked with the material Stan brought up? What kind of experiment might you design? How would you decide what kind of experiment to create?

-I would try to get Stan to face the issues 1 by 1. I think that it would be easier to break down the root causes and come up with a resolution if we address them individually. I think I would come up with some type of experiment that involves Stan having casual relationship with a woman. I think he needs to try maybe a speed dating exercise. This would help him overcome some of his obstacles.

How might you work with Stan’s cultural messages? Would you be able to respect his cultural values and still encourage him to make an assessment of some of the ways in which his culture is affecting him today?

-I think that Stan needs to use certain aspects of his culture to his advantage. I would put my personal thoughts aside and respect his cultural values and also give him insight on ways its affecting him.


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Author: Gerald Corey

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