Revision Paper (Strategic Management)

I have a company research paper and i would like a revision for that paper and anything to add to make it better and sharper. attached is the case study and the company research that I will need a revision with.

Below is the instructions.

Instructions: Company Research

Prior to visiting your firm, you should find out as much as you can about the
assessment process and about your company. See the client’s web site. Look for
newspaper articles in the Tribune and Times. Each individual on the team needs to
read the case and complete 2-4 pages of write up about the following questions for the
individual assignment submission of Milestone 2.

Identification and evaluation of the organization’s purpose
What is the strategic direction in which the firm is heading? What are the firm’s
mission and goals? Has a mission statement been written? If there is no mission
and/or vision, state why they are important and write one for the client and include it
as the first part of the Recommendations section.

Identification and evaluation of the organization’s current strategy

What is its current strategy? Is its strategy consistent with its mission and stated
objectives? In this section, you should identify which generic strategy the company is
following. If the current strategy is not clear, describe why a clear, distinctive strategy
is important and make sure your Recommendations support a clear, distinctive
strategy .

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