There are only portions that I am required to do so please read my instructions

Specific directions listed below:

This looks like a lot a first, but I am only required to do half. For the power point I only need to discuss bank method and other matters, which should take up at least 4 slides. That is it for the first section. As for the paper I need to discuss the first two questions, which should take up at least 3 to 3 1/2 pages. The two questions are the following:

  • Overview of indirect methods of proof
  • Requirements for using the indirect methods of proof

I also attached the facts of the case.

The Office of Risk Assessment has noted an increase in unusual activities in financial service businesses. The Office of Whistleblower received a call regarding Robert Jones using his business as a front for his book making and loan shark activities. You have been assigned to investigate this allegation and to prepare evidence and a presentation that could be used in court.

Click here to see the Facts of the Case.

Group Project Tips

The group leader will provide one PowerPoint presentation for the entire group, not one presentation per student.
The presentation will be divided among the team members in the following way:

  • Each individual will contribute 1–2 slides depending on the content.
  • Slide(s) should include the name of the team member whom initially prepared and contributed to the PowerPoint Presentation.
  • The individual will submit his or her PowerPoint slides to the group along with supporting research sources.

Individuals should submit their portion of the report and the supporting references to a designated team member who will compile the documents into one report that will be submitted.

Project Deliverables:

  • PowerPoint presentation and group report.
  • Determine any excess income using two separate methods:
    • Net worth analysis
    • Bank deposit method

Your group should include complete analyses and review for each of the above methods. Your presentation should walk through the steps of your analyses and should identify the sources of evidence used for each step.

Part 1

Power Point Presentation

8–10 slides covering the following:

  • Introduction
  • Net worth method
  • Bank deposit method
  • Other matters
  • Conclusion
  • References

Part 2
Group report of the overview of indirect investigation and whistleblower rules.

Length: 5–7 pages

Prepare a group paper briefly describing an overview of the steps you used for the indirect method as well as some of the following matters:

  • Overview of indirect methods of proof
  • Requirements for using the indirect methods of proof
  • Research on the extent of use and or give an examples from a actual court case using the indirect method of proof
  • Information on whistleblower rules and/or the effectiveness of use of whistleblower processes for identifying potential frauds

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