Week 1 Task 7

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Exploratory research

posted by Cassandra Rudolph

According to the chapter exploratory research is an inadequate research that is not understood correctly. I think the exploratory research is considered a research that is someone looking for more information to a question or theory. The person would want to explore the research to gain more information about the theory. A person can gain more information with exploratory research. For example: if a person would like to work for a company and they would like to find out more information on what the company does or sales, the candidate would do research on the products they offer and to gain the knowledges on selling the products. Even when it come to buying a vehicle, I went shopping for a new car and i did some research on the vehicle i wanted, what is equipped in the vehicle, incentive, employee discounts, and how much I can get for my car on a trade in, I did some research and not everyone would give me or offer me the same deals. I think this is considered exploratory research because I am exploring my options to purchase a new car.

Chapter 5

posted by Patricia DeTar

This chapter discusses research design. When dealing with design it is always good to look and determine which design can work for the ideas that one has in mind. This means looking over designs and make sure that the right one is chosen for the right research idea. Mainly the hard part can be making sure that designs fit the idea but there can be times where the design does not fit. This means doing the research and almost creating a design that can help. In the end, it is good to look over various designs and learn which one can work for the research at hand. The hard part can be finding the design that works and learn to make sure that all the design choices are available and determine the right choice that helps the research. According to Ghauri & Grønhaug (2010)

Choice of research design can be conceived as the overall strategy to get the information wanted. This choice influences the subsequent research activities, for example what data to collect and how they should be collected. The respected social scientists Kornhauser and Lazarsfeld once claimed that research designs played the role of ‘master techniques’, while. (p. 54)


Ghauri, P., & Grønhaug, K. (2010). Research methods in business studies (4th ed.). Harlow: Financial Times/Prentice Hall.

What comes first Theory or Data?

This is a good chapter and I am finding the reading easy to understand, as oppose to previous textbooks and classes. I believe the answer to this question can be up for debate. You have a theory and then you collect data. You have data and so you make a theory. Can you have a theory without data? A theory is a thought about what is going on, but you can’t make a theory without observing and gathering data. What are your thoughts on this? Theory is a way of seeing your research and data generated fragments of what you see.

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