Answer 7 question. 3-5 sentences per question

  • Compare the costs and benefits of regulation. In your opinion, dothe benefits outweigh the costs or dothe costs outweigh the benefits? What are theadvantages and disadvantages of deregulation?
  • What was the historical background that encouraged the government to enact leigislations such as the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Act?Do these same conditions exists today?
  • How can ethical formalism be used in organizational ethics programs and still respect diversity and the right for individual values?
  • How do organizations create an ethical climate?
  • What is the code of conduct and how can a code be effectively communicated to employees?
  • Is government support for external whistle blowing effective?
  • Please describe your own leadership style or describe the leadership style of one of your previous employers/ managers. Include the reason for the leadership style (e.g. start up company, mom and pop shop, etc).

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