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Essay #4 – International Relations

Similar to essay #3, you will discuss two countries, but this time the idea is for you to write on the foreign relations between two nations. While you do not have to include the United States, it may be very wise to do so in terms of the amount of information you can find online and since the textbook chapter on International Relations has a whole section on American foreign policy.

Suggestions: Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, North Korea, China…..just to name a few.

1. Provide some background in terms of the historic relations between the countries. You don’t need a full history of the international relations between the two, but is there something notable from the past worth mentioning? For example, today the U.S. and Germany are major allies, but we obviously fought them in two World Wars. Does the history of the foreign relations between these countries feature any wars or other international conflicts/controversies?

2. What is the main source of controversy or concern in terms of the relationship between these two countries? Do they have issues over territory, economics, war/peace, diplomatic relations, human rights, etc.? There’s got to be one major issue that causes relations between the two to be difficult. So what is that issue? Do they or have they engaged in diplomacy to avoid conflict, and how would you say the results have been?

3. In your opinion, what would it take to improve relations between your two countries? What policy changes should occur, what different stances should be taken by the both to improve relations? What can be done to prevent future conflicts?

As always, at least 3-4 pages and 3-4 sources.

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