Birth of a nation

I need your help with a 2 part question:

Part 1: Please go to youtube and search “what is birth of a nation(1915)” by Jack Tucker. It is a 16:26 minute video and from that video identify three reasons why the film was so successful and five reasons as to why it was inaccurate. Be careful; a reason for the film’s success is not that it was regarded as a “masterpiece” – what made it a masterpiece? As for the inaccuracies, be specific; the film is clearly “racist,” but how are racist views presented by promoting inaccurate depictions of African-Americans or even white people?

Part 2: Aside from Birth of a Nation, what are two other challenges that the NAACP had to face in its initial years? In each of your responses( 2 challenges you list), include a brief passage (for each challenge) from the excerpt you read from Langston Hughes’ Fight for Freedom and Other Writings on Civil Rights to help support what you are asserting. For this second part I will uploading the files so that you can answer the question

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