Creating a Sense of Community

 Provide an overview of community building practices as stated in Kouzes and Posner (2017).
 Identify at least three different organizational cultures and describe how they created an
appreciation of diversity in order to build a stronger sense of professional community. These
organizational cultures can be ones in which you have experienced personally, or have read
about in the literature on leadership.
 Research the existing body of peer reviewed literature and identify a contemporary leader who
has worked or is working in a global context that is using or has used contingency theory.
Assess how they effectively used contingency theory by identifying at least three supporting
 Describe an example of a culturally diverse team or organizational environment in which you
have worked. Evaluate how your own cultural literacy promoted cohesiveness in that
professional environment or how, looking back, you would have.
 Describe specific actions taken to implement this style into your current leadership approach.
 Summarize key learning lesson in order to promote cohesiveness in your own professional
career path and include how to measure the effectiveness of this new approach.

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