Develop a comprehensive International Business plan proposal with cost analysis.

We will be doing the Final Project on the business we put together for our major project, ABC Bank. We will be focusing on market entry into Hong Kong for the Final Project. I am attaching that project for your reference.

Using materials drawn from the previous assignment, students will be divided into teams to conduct research based on the criteria established, and develop a comprehensive International Business plan proposal with cost analysis. Write an APA paper with a PowerPoint presentation outlining the main points. The presentation would be something that you would introduce to board members to influence them. Use the slides to highlight or augment the story your business plan is telling, don’t use to slides to tell the whole story. For the project, the project should include the following 2 areas:

  1. How will the mission and vision of the business compliment the expansion?
  • Will this be a new department or division of existing market; or a new subsidiary?
  • Company strengths, in terms of finances, project management,

2. Finally – Cost of entry, plan for expansion, 2-3 yr objectives for when venture will be cash-positive

250-360 words per topic

2 academic references per individual

biblical integration when relevant

1 ppt slide per topic

I will need these in both a Word Doc and a Power Point

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