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both of the following prompts. Write a response to one of them. Your essay
should be
1 pages long. Make sure to stay within the 35-minute time limit, starting

  1. Every friendship has a beginning, and many friendships have
    endings—perhaps because a friend moves away, perhaps because of a quarrel,
    or perhaps for other reasons. Recall a time when you either made a new
    friend or lost an old friend. Tell the reader about the event, using vivid
    language to make the reader see, hear, and understand who the friend was,
    why the event happened, and what the event meant to you.


  1. Many teens want to do something good for their communities, even
    though many of them are not sure exactly what to do. Some people have
    suggested that all teens should be required to perform 60 hours of
    community service by the time they are 18 years old. Do you think
    this is a good idea or not? Write an essay stating and defending your
    position. Use reasons and evidence to support your view.

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