Final Research Proposal ( Stress in Healthcare Providers after Disaster)

Presume the reader has the power to approve or reject your proposal for funding, permission, etc. Additionally, presume they do not know your field or discipline. All abbreviations to be spelled out the first time, all terms defined, all processes and decisions grounded in the cited, scientific or academic literature.

Proper APA format

AT LEAST 15 high quality references that apply,answering all the details as depicted in the Leedy and Ormrod text for your chosen question.

It should be publication ready, with proper format, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

All (every) assertions, methods, and analysis choices should be supported with a foundation(reference).

Presume your audience knows NOTHING about the subject, and define all concepts and abbreviations when first used.

You need to describe what data you will collect, how you will collect it, how you will assure validity and reliability, and how you will analyze your ‘data’.

All ‘tools’ or ‘instruments’ with your instructions or desired observation points need to be included (likely as an appendix) so another researcher could repeat your work.

You should include your ‘expectations’ of what your research will reveal, and how that will impact the field.

If a statistical analysis is to be utilized, the method and specific tests should be mentioned, with the rationale of why that is the appropriate measure.

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