Legal Foundations Prezi, read the following hypothetical and answer the questions

Read the document Legal Foundations Prezi, read the following hypothetical and answer the questions that follow in the text entry box or by uploading your answers in a Word document. no less than 200 words for each question, and submit the answer in 12 hours.

Sandy Shores is a United States Company that manufactures and supplies beach themed souvenir trinkets to souvenir stores in the United States. Lately, a lot of the souvenir stores have switched from Sandy Shores to suppliers overseas that offer cheaper prices on trinkets causing Sandy Shores to lose revenue. In reaction to decreased revenue, Sandy Shores has decided to open retail stores of its own across the United States through which Sandy Shores will sell its souvenir’s directly to consumers. You are the senior manager charged with overseeing expansion efforts.

1. What options do you have for legal advice to guide your efforts? What is the role that counsel might play in these transactions?

2. What sources and levels of law would you need to have a fundamental knowledge of to help protect the company from liability and meet any legal challenges? Give specific examples (I realize you have not yet studied many substantive areas of law, but do the best you can when answering this question).

3. Assume that you also plan to acquire the assets of a smaller retail company in order to carry out this expansion. You are concerned about the potential tax impact that may be triggered by the transaction. How can you plan with certainty for a particular type of tax treatment? What legal doctrine allows you to rely on the law in the planning process?

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