Outline for final paper – Early Childhood Education

Submit a two-page outline (not including title and reference pages) that includes the following components of your Final Project:

a. Create a clear thesis statement that identifies the policy topic, Evaluating Programs for young children.

b. Briefly describe your rational for the thesis statement. The rationale should provide some background and context for the thesis statement. Support your rational with one scholarly source. The additional source can count as one of the three sources noted in #4 below. 

c. Briefly describe (in outline format) of the three arenas of child advocacy:1) personal advocacy; 2) public policy advocacy; and 3) private-sector advocacy and at least two components of your strategic plan in hopes to implement the two changes.

d. Include a reference page that is formatted according to APA outline style and have at least four additional scholarly sources which is planned to use in the Final Project 

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