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I need some help with certain parts of the following exercise (attached)

#6 Identify the strengths (all that apply) Label on-Y axis, Label on X-axis, Zero Origin, Non-Zero Origin, Short Descriptive Title Detailed, Accurate Source

Identify weaknesses (all that apply) No Source, Dramatic Title, Use of Area trick which makes 20!5 losses much greater than 2005 losses.

#7 Fill in the highlighted cells at the bottom: Average, Standard Deviation, CV.

Calculate f(m- -/x)^2 for all 10 entries.#

#8 Identify its strengths (all that apply) Zero Origin, Good Pictures, Use of Gridlines, Labels on Y Axis, Source Identified, No Labels on X-Axes.

Identify its weaknesses (all that apply) No Source, Dramatic Title, Distracting Picture, Use of Gridlines, Labels on X-Axis, Non-Zero Origin

Can you suggest any improvements? Remove the gridlines, No improvement needed, State the Source, Change the Title, Remove Pictures

.#10 Calculate the Trimmed Mean

#12 Bags of jelly beans have a mean weight of 379 gm with a standard deviation of 9 gm.
Use Chebyshev’s Theorem to find a lower bound for the number of bags in a sample
of 240 that weigh between 343 and 415 gm.
Lower bound bags #14 Calculate the Average, Standard Deviation, CV, and f(m- -/x)^2

#15 How many days to the nearest integer would qualify an account as as outlier? The account would have to be ______________days or longer to be considered an outllier

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