Public Policy Project – 10 slides ppt and 100 words paragraph

Video Recording of PPP Walkthrough


  • If you want to navigate to specific parts, please view the recording in YouTube and find the Table of Contents in the description of the video.
  • The Table of Contents includes links to specific slides and the audio explanations.

About the PPP Walkthrough

The PPP Walkthrough is a PowerPoint Presentation and another representation of the information found throughout the pages and assignments of the Public Policy Project Module.

Requirements: Multiple part assignment

if you review the slides above, you will see that this is a multi step assignment with multiple tasks and ultimately a google slides presentation. I can provide you with each step and directions to follow.

I will send you the first part right now

  • State a public problem
  • Share why you think it is an important public problem to focus on
  • Explain what at least one cause of the public problem is
  • Explain what at least one effect of the public problem is

this is the first assignment within the project. just a paragraph

it is supposed to be two causes and two effects for this step

After the paragraph is done you will have to get started on the power point slides which will consist of different tasks like analysis charts as described in the video

first is the paragraph stating the public policy problem as I explained earlier. the paragraph should identify the public policy and include two causes and two affects.

you can send me that paragraph directly on here as soon as you are done writing it. I have to submit it separately

and yes the second task is creating a powerpoint presentation

did you watch the video for the assignment? or the presentation slides that I have submitted to you?…

this is the template for the powerpoint to make it easier for you

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