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1) Pick 2 case studies from Chapter 10 to review and present. Do a brief summation, include your thoughts and opinions of the preferred outcome(s), and complete the review questions at the end of these case. These must be presented in complete sentence formation without rewriting the questions itself. [800 word minimum]

2) Describe a recent service encounter that occurred during this term You must discuss one positive and one negativeencounter. This could be you or your family’s experience or someone that you were able to witness the service encounter. [1,200 word minimum for the combined write up of a positive and negative encounter].

3) Industry Interview #1

Select someone in the service industry to interview (preferably HSTM related). Utilizing either PowerPoint or Prezi, students will be responsible for creating a presentation to share their findings from interviews with the slected individual from the hospitality industry. The students will be responsible for having the person they are interviewing answer a standard set of questions (provided below) as well as questions created by the student.

Interview Questions:

  • Ask questions to provide adequate background on the employee you are interviewing (position, time in position, previous work experience, educational background, etc.).
  • What does delivering excellent customer service mean to you? How do you do it on a daily basis? (Look for answers that speak of the tangible and intangible parts of service delivery)
  • What is the most memorable service delivery story/experience you’ve been told or apart of since working in hospitality? (could be good or bad)
  • What is the hardest industry related challenge for you as a manager/server?
  • What is your best advice for handling difficult guests?
  • Create one question of your own that you would like to have answered relevant to the hospitality industry. (Please ask the same question to all interviewees.)

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