Creating a Communication Strategy

Assignment 2: Final Project:
Creating the Communication Strategy

This week, you need to communicate
to your “company’s” market (Chick-Fil-A) segment the key benefits
that make the company distinct from the competitors. In addition, you need to
announce the improvements in the delivery of the services by the company. While
the company has a limited communications budget, the chief marketing officer
(CMO) wants to allocate the money in the most effective way.

Write an IMC strategy that includes
the following:

  • An advertisement featuring the new (improved) services
    and containing the following elements:
    • A headline
    • A subheadline
    • A brand positioning statement 
    • An artwork
    • A layout
  • A brief paragraph identifying and supporting both
    traditional and nontraditional channels to carry the advertisement.

In addition, propose a pricing
objective and a pricing strategy for the company based on the information
gathered from the following:

  • The case study
  • The understanding of the competition
  • The likely attitude of the current customers

Explain why the company should
follow your pricing strategy. Justify your pricing strategy using appropriate
examples and reasoning.

Using an online Library, complement
your understanding of the competitive environment. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that consists of a
compilation of the Final Project works completed in the first four weeks.

The presentation should have a minimum of 20 slides. The detailed
description of each slide should be described in the Notes section of
the presentation.

Submission Details:

  • Present
    your analysis as a 6-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in
    APA style.
  • On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format.
  • Submit your analysis
    document and presentation

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria


Designed a communication strategy
featuring the new (improved) services and containing the given elements.


Provided a brief that evaluates
both traditional and nontraditional channels to carry the communication


Designed a Microsoft PowerPoint
presentation by compiling the Final Project works completed in the first four


Proposed a pricing strategy for
the company.


Justified the proposed pricing


Wrote in a clear, concise, and
organized manner. Utilized appropriate type and number of scholarly sources
for graduate-level work. Demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate
representation and attribution of sources. Displayed accurate spelling,
grammar, and punctuation.




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