Current State of Aviation Training research

Taken directly from the rubric:

Minimum of 10 Sources. Sources need to be in APA format. The Sources need to be posted above the two paragraphs as described below.

This project will be used to help you refine your sources. You are expected to create what is known as an annotated bibliography for your part of the project. The way this works is you will put a properly formatted Citation (APA) for each source, then under that citation you will do a two paragraph write-up.

Paragraph 1 will describe the source and what it was about. This often is the beginning of a section where you will use the source. Paragraph 2 explains how it fits into your final project.

SUBJECT: Assess the current state of aviation education and training in the United States. Describe the Following:

-Overall costs of Flight Training, Flight Instructors, and Fleets.

-Compare the Costs of the education and of being able to be imeditly employed.

-The effect of privatization of Air Traffic Control on general aviation and its possible affect on flight training. ( All pilots except military, get all their training in the general aviation world prior to going the commercial world.)

-The decline in General aviation and its affects

Side note. Ill also post another question in regards to the essay this is going to be used with.

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