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All five questions must be answered in full sentences and should be 2-3 paragraphs in length (approx. 125 words). You may use your text book, Mastering Biology or other outside sources as references, but you must cite your references at the end of each essay. The essay quiz is not timed.

  1. Using the element Nitrogen as your example, describe the characteristics that define Nitrogen as an element, what differentiates isotopes of Nitrogen from the element and how an ionic state is determined.
  2. There are four unique properties of water that makes it so central to life. Explain, in detail, each of these four properties.
  3. An aqueous solution is made when a substance is dissolved in water. Explain how the pH scale represents different aqueous solutions. Use specific examples in your description.
  4. Almost no metabolic reaction is able to occur without the help of an enzyme. Explain how the structure of an enzyme and substrate function. Include a specific example in your answer.
  5. Explain why the shape of a protein is important. Provide three examples of different shaped proteins and their functions.

**As long as each question is 125 word the pages don’t matter

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