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In class, we watched two clips from the documentary called Mickey Mouse Monopoly. The first was about gender, and the second was about race. In order to earn the extra credit points in this assignment, you’ll need to respond to these clips, and your response should make it obvious to us that you have seen both clips. In other words, simply saying “there are issues that pertain to race and gender in Disney films” will not suffice. In approximately one page (double spaced), respond to these clips with your reaction to the following questions: Do Disney films contain problematic representations of individuals? What impact might these films have on children and/or adults in our society? (Here are two key terms that might help you in your response– think about socialization and also latent functions of education, or the hidden curriculum– even though this isn’t a classroom setting, the media definitely provides some education as well… so what’s explicit and what is implicit in what children learn?)

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