identify two IVs (each with 2 categories) and three DVs, application assignment help

Considering your dissertation research interests (and perhaps using
the same IVs and DVs you identified in the discussion questions from
previous modules), identify two IVs (each with 2 categories) and three
DVs that are measured on continuous scales. Think of DV measures that
probably are moderately correlated with each other because they are
measuring different components of the same or similar concepts (e.g.,
three different measures of academic performance). Given these variables
and design, what information would a factorial MANOVA provide you? What
more would you want to know if you get significant results in the
factorial MANOVA? Why would this be significant to your research?
(Research support is not required for this question.)

My research is on performance-based funding and how it effects developmental students in higher education (community college) 

Performance-based funding on higher education

Developmental classes – Reading, Writing, Math

will it effect admittance for the developmental student, weaken academics, instructor motivation, student motivation

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