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The following table has data regarding several activities associated with the implementation of a new delivery process for a new retail chain. The contract with the new retail chain states that starting on the 13th day from now, your firm will experience a penalty of $110 per day until the job is completed. Indirect project costs amount to $227 per day. The data on direct costs and activity precedent relationships are given in the table.

Delivery Process Project Data
Activity Normal Time (Days) Normal Cost Per Day Crash Time (Days) Crash Cost Per Day Immediate Predecessor(s)
A 4 $1,004 3 $1,232 None
B 7 $1,411 4 $2,032 None
C 5 $2,020 4 $2,707 None
D 6 $1,263 5 $1,472 A
E 3 $915 2 $1,166 B
F 11 $2,517 6 $3,757 C
G 4 $812 3 $1,431 D, E
H 3 $394 1 $500 F, G

To complete this assignment, answer the following questions. Begin by drawing the project network diagram. A start node and end node are suggested.


In order to successfully complete this assignment, you must:

  • Make few or no grammatical, spelling, or syntactical errors.
  • Show any or all of the following:
    • Critical thinking
    • Original thinking
    • Researched examples
      • Critical/original thinking: Demonstrate new approaches and/or ability to “push back” rather than simply reproducing another’s thoughts
  • Use direct quotations sparingly and judiciously
  • Properly identify any sources and integrate into own thoughts and ideas
  • Provide a straightforward, easy-to-follow arrangement with appropriate formatting:
    • Comply with APA format
    • Answers clearly marked and named within assignment file(s)
  • Create a Word document and name it using the following convention: “YourName-M2-assignment”
  • On the Word document, answer the prompts listed above in no more than five pages, exclusive of title page, executive summary, and bibliography
    • You can use the drawing tools in Word to create your project network diagram. Alternatively, you may hand draw the project network diagram and scan/photograph it and paste it into the document.
    • Any charts and graphs you use for the paper may be appropriately sized to allow for adequate room for your text and should be in your paper, not in a separate file
  • Upload the document to this page by clicking the “Submit Assignment” button

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