QuickBooks activities and Paper summary

Option #2: Quickbooks

  1. Create a new employee with your name, made up address, phone, employee ID, pay frequency is biweekly, and hire date. Create a Purchase Order: Select Staples as the vendor, choose an item from the list and select CSU Global as the customer.
  2. Enter Vendor Bill- Choose Staples, Yes to match to the previous purchase order.
  3. Create Invoice- CSU Global customer, add three products with quantities and State sales tax. Note the total amount.
  4. Receive payments- Check, CSU Global, the payment amount from the invoice.
  5. Create sales receipt- Choose Jess Stratton as the customer, check payment, choose items purchased. State sales tax rate
  6. Void an invoice- choose an open invoice and void.
  7. Pay Employee- Scheduled payroll, ignore the dates, choose all eligible employees and pay them for 40 hours.
  8. Submit screen prints for the QuickBooks activities.
  9. Write a 3-5 page paper (following APA guidelines) including a summary of what you learned about QuickBooks, and how you could use it to develop and evaluate risks and controls for purchasing and sales.

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