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Assignment 3: Create a MACS Unified Command Plan

Washington, DC, and its surrounding cities have been threatened by a terrorist attack that will involve chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) weapons.


Following the FEMA ICS guidelines, create a MACS unified command plan that accounts for military, federal, state, and local responses at ground zero and in the evacuation zones. The MACS unified command also must account for all stages of the crisis, including evacuation, a secondary strike, and retaliation.

Using the following sources and additional resources, compose an 8–10-page MACS unified command plan:

In the plan:

  • Using information from the course readings and the FEMA website, assess the type of attack, causalities, and evacuation capabilities.
  • Formulate a MACS unified command that clearly outlines each responder’s or department’s duties and responsibilities. Identify the responders and departments likely to respond. Remember to include local, military, and federal agencies.
  • Individually, analyze each responder’s and department’s duties and responsibilities during the following:
  • Evacuation
  • Secondary strike
  • Implement the National Mutual Aid and Resource Management Program to stabilize the response and recovery phases.
  • Establish retaliatory and preventative countermeasures by law enforcement and the military to suppress any secondary incidents and apprehend suspected participants.
  • Evaluate and identify the technologies that can be used. Explain how they will assist the incident command or unified command in its decision-making process as to response efforts.

Submission Details:

  • Save the final plan as M5_A1_Lastname_Firstname.doc.
  • By the due date assigned, submit your final plan to the Submissions Area .

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