Counseling: Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Subject: Counseling: Alcohol and Substance Abuse (2 credits, non-liberal, advanced)

This essay should be 3-5 pages, and it should be written as if it were me speaking. And it should include counseling: Alcohol and Substance Abuse. This essay doesn’t need references because its suppose to sound as if it’s coming from me, and my experience. Include counseling: Alcohol and substance abuse counseling only. please organize this essay well. You can use this list below in the essay:

Group therapy and individuals sessions

Referrals (to high level of care)

Linking clients to other agencies

And whatever else is best suited for counseling: Alcohol and
Substance Abuse you may think is appropriate.

Please use this as a first paragraph to this essay:

I would like to obtain prior learning credits for having my CASAC T. The topic which I’m going to write about in this essay is entitled Counseling: Alcohol and Substance Abuse (1 credits, Non-Liberal, Advanced). In 2009 I attended outreach training institute located at 117-11 Myrtle Ave, Richmond Hill NY, 11418. Throughout the 11 month duration, I completed 350 hours training to obtain my CASAC T.  While attending the CASAC T training we explored many useful topics but the topic in which we are going to discuss is Counseling: Alcohol and Substance Abuse. We also participated in many hands on activities, which will be beneficial while working in the field of substance abuse.

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