Help on Case Study Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper: Case Study (20%) – Students will choose one of the Additional Case Studies in Career Theory, Part II: Theories and Part III: Applications (pp. 95-267). There are over 18 additional case studies, so there will be plenty of choices. Students will discuss relevant aspects of their case study using an applicable theory, or theories, to create a plan of action for this client, including alliance, assessment, interviewing, and future steps that they might take. For reference, the Summary and Integration chapter provides an illustration of working with a case applying various theoretical perspectives.

This reflection paper is 3 pages long not including the title page and the reference page. The MAIN CHAPTER this paper will be written on is CH4.The book that is being used for this paper is called “Career Theory and Practice 3rd edition by Jane L. Swanson and Nadya A. Fouad” you can use this for the reference page.I have attached the “Summary and Integration ” for reference as well. Please no plagiarism and follow the directions on exactly what the paper is about.

Please let me know if you have any issues seeing the attachments or downloading them.

Thank you again!

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