Rhetorical Analysis Essay on Patriotism. (Thesis statement will be provided.)

1)A thesis statement illustrating your main observation of whether or not he was successful in proving her claim and how/why (not)

2)Brief and neutral summary in intro paragraph as your “background” info that explains Kagan’s main points of the article (3-5 sentences MAX).

3)Evidence (quotes / paraphrases) from the article to support your thesis

4)Reasoning / analysis: this will be your explanation of the quotes you choose and why they prove your thesis; though, this is NOT to be your opinion / thoughts on the SUBJECT

5)And finally, though your main focus should be on how Kagan proves his claim through out the article, I would like to see one paragraph discussing audience, purpose and situation as well.


1) You must use at least FIVE quotes from the article to prove your thesis. Please do not use more than 10.

2)Since you are using a source for this essay (Kagan’s article), you will need a works cited page.Page stipulations are in place and will be enforced. FOUR pages does NOT mean a few sentences on page four…that is a 3.5 pg paper.

3)For this Essay:

1)in MLA format (12pt font, double spaced, proper heading and last name with page number on top R)

2)MUST include an interesting hook (quote, question, statistic, humor, personal story or definition)

3)must also include a concluding paragraph that:

a) reinstates your thesis, b) ties back to the hook c) indicates some sort of significance for your essay.

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