The history of Stradivari, Amati, Guarnari violins from 1500 to 1744

Follow these steps ,have a citation page of at least 4 sources at the end and its very important to obtain one of the sources from The New Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Please read the material at before going any farther.

Your primary writing assignment is an essay, to be written in formal style, on a topic chosen from a list provided by the instructor. This essay is to demonstrate your ability to research, consolidate material, and draw conclusions from your research. You are required to consult a minimum of four sources, one of which MUST be The New Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians, found in the reference section of the Ybor Campus library also found online here Oxford Music Online (check the Grove’s online box). You may consult other on-line references, but the majority of your research is to be done from the Grove’s.

The body of the paper is to be 4 pages (approximately 1500 word count) in length following the general guidelines given below.


1. If a paper is not formatted as required, it will be returned for revision. See How to set up your MLA7 template for the exact formatting of MLA pages.

2. Writing assignments must be written in Standard English at a college level and follow the MLA 7 format for references. Half of the grade is based on mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.). Please follow the daily schedule regarding the Research Essay and please meet all deadlines. See the daily schedule.

3. Papers must contain an introduction and a conclusion. Five (5) points will be deducted if either of these items is missing.

4. Your Research Essay must be submitted electronically through Canvas. It is your responsibility to maintain a copy of your paper should the need arise to resubmit.

5. Your Research Essay must contain parenthetical references (inline citations), and a bibliography. The bibliography and Title page do not count towards the 4-page requirement.

Plagiarized papers or portions of papers will receive a failing grade. The more you write – the better writer you will become! Copy/pasting from websites is easily detectable and will result in a failing grade. If you are unsure of what constitutes plagiarism, Please visit this site…

Late papers will be docked 5% of the paper grade.

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