Judaism in America

for this assignment please follow the instructions: Please only bid if you have access to the book. Textbook: Albanese, Catherine. America: Religions and Religion, 5th ed. (Boston: Wadsworth Cengage, 2013). ISBN:9781133050025. You must use the book for the assignment I also attached a powerpoint.No plagerism,no copy and paste original work please.

1. Read, Albanese, America: Religions and Religion, Chapter 2, pages 42-61.

answer each question with 200 words each for a total of 660 words

1. Choose one of the waves of Jewish immigration to America and describe 5 features, such as date, place the immigrants were from, how they adapted, etc.

2. List 5 principles and practices that united Reform Jews in America (full sentences).

3. List 3 principles and practices that united Conservative Jews in America (full sentences).

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