Media Review


  • Find and summarize at least four resources on the age range you selected for this project. Age Range: (86 or older). Aspects you will focus on in your research include:
    • Theories on adult development and aging.
    • Issues that occur in adult development and aging.
    • Mental health and psychosocial issues that influence individuals’ identities as they age. This includes social, physical, and cognitive components.
  • Find and summarize at least one resource that focuses on another age range. Another Age Range: (65-70). Note:
    • You are asked to do this so you are able to compare various aspects of an aging adult within various times of his or her life.
    • You must find at least one resource that you can use to compare and contrast dimensions of an adult’s life, such as relationships, cognitive development, and socialization across age groups.


The resources you use must fit within the following categories, as outlined:

  1. Two non-fictional-type resources: This includes articles, documentaries, newspaper articles and advertisements, and so on. The purpose of using these resources is to get a more accurate understanding of how aging adults interact with their community, other people, and in society as a whole.
  2. Two fictional-type resources: This would include movies, television shows, and books. The purpose of using these resources is to give you an understanding of how society perceives aging adults.
  3. Find at least one resource (from either category above) [non-fictional or fictional] that is focused on a different age range.

Special Instructions:

Once you have found your resources, complete the following:

  • Identify and explain the resources you found and used. Identify if they are fictional or non-fictional.
  • Compare the fictional and non-fictional resources that were gathered for your chosen age range. What are the similarities in view of an aging person? What are the differences between them?
  • Assess the resource you found on another age range. (65-70) Compare and contrast what you learned about that age range with your chosen one. (86 or older)

Additional Instructions:

Assignment should be 2 pages in APA format. Focus on the 5 media sources for references. Be sure to use in-text citations.

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