Rewrite and fix my essay

I did essay with someone in your site, and the essay was unacceptable from my professor. 

However, I need to turn it in on Monday morning at 8 A.M, so I want it on Sunday and I need you to do some adjustments.I need you to write an expository essay that has 3 elements of symbolism in the story which are 2 direct quotations 2 paraphrases 2 summaries. The paper should be written in the third person, and MLA style. The teacher cares very much about specificity, coherency, and transitions. 

my professor gave me some notes that I have to fix it :


this is what my professor wrote on my papers




Also, I want it in just 2 pages, and please read the instruction that I wrote it up.

this is the story that you have to write the essay from it:



thank you.

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