The Strength of Diversity Programs

The Strength of Diversity Programs

Most governmental organizations and many private companies have diversity programs.

Author a case study (from the Internet or published article & CITE/Reference) about a diversity program and explain its plus and minuses about addressing diversity.

In your book there is a self-assessment in Chapter 10.

Pick out 5 of the assessment items (show a subheading on this part or you paper) and comment on why they should be important and addressed in your case study.

Here is an example of a Diversity Program posted on the web (DO NOT USE THIS ONE)

Submission: Follow the instructions below.

IMPORTANT: You must write (NO Copy/Paste) a 3-page minimum document in Microsoft Word using the M-APA format as provided in the attached document.

Use citations and references when needed.

Submit the Word.Docx file using the Assignment Attachment in Blackboard.

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