There are four cases in the pdf that I upload, and there are some questions about the cases. After the questions, you can see the tips for the questions and you can reference the tips to answer the questions.

There are four cases in the pdf. The first case has five questions. The second case has 6 questions. The third case has 6 questions and the forth question has 2 questions. Each case has tips for the questions. Take the first case as an example:

1. What happened here?
2. What is involuntary manslaughter? List each part of the definition separately. What

page number(s) in the textbook are those explanations? If you used the Internet to
find the explanations, provide the URL and explain why you think this is a good
source of information.

3. What additional facts would you need to know in order to determine whether the
company, Tom or Dick could be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter? In other
words, what else do you need to know in order to make a decision?

4. Apply the definition to reach a conclusion whether Silver, Tom or Dick is guilty of
manslaughter. Explain how you reached each conclusion. What examples support
your conclusion?

5. Should individual managers face criminal liability for their conduct as managers?

And there are some tips after the questions.

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