Transgender Students and Single-Sex Colleges: Discussions and Policy Development

Title: Transgender and single sex college

Purpose: to discuss and know about the policy for transgender in single sex college.

Thesis: I will inform you what is transgender, how they decide which single sex college they would go to and how the policy had changed when the transgender go to single sex college.

Introduction: Everyone know that if you google “Transgender”, that word means to talk about a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex, but not to many people know each exactly what they have to deal with in their life. They have the right to do everything that a normal person could do. What if transgenders want to go to the single sex college? People choose single sex college because they tend to have more focus on academics and for more comfortable. There is a lot of rules that made in single sex college. I am curious about how transgender and single sex college discuss an come to the policy if single sex college accept transgender, so I did some research. Today I would like to share with you what I found out about what is transgender, how they could decide which single sex college that they would go to and how the policy had changed when the single sex college accept transgenders.

Write an outline:

Outlines must include:

Fully-Written Introduction (Including “Hook”, “Credibility Statement”, Main Points and Thesis)

Bullet-Format Body (Including Main Points (2-4), Subpoints, Transitions AND Citations)

Fully-Written Conclusion (Including review and end statement)

Your sources MUST be cited in your outline- both in the “works cited section” (use a standardize format like APA or MLA) AND in the body of the outline (show me when and how you’ll use them).

  • The speech is supposed to be about college policies and how they are (sometimes) changing
  • do research to understand the controversy and to see what policies that different schools are following.

I have done the first part of outline and i need help to research for the main point and subpoints.

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